Monday, February 5, 2007

Getting Interesting

After endless stockinette, the cable-trim sweater is finally getting interesting to knit. There were fun little cable decreases (which I had never done before) along the V neck. I am pretty sure that there is an error in the pattern because it basically tells you to do the left-sided decreases 2 stitches further in from the center than on the right side. Looking at the picture, it appears that the left-sided instructions are correct, so I adjusted the right side to match.

I did short rows for the shoulder shaping and then joined the front and back shoulders with a 3-needle bind off. It was very difficult for me to pay attention to how I was supposed to knit the wraps on the short-row stitches in order to hide them...while also doing a bind off. So after 3 failed attempts, I just decidedd to knit one extra row onto each shoulder, using that row to take care of the wrap stitches. After that, binding off was a cinch.

And now, I'm knitting the cable trim that goes all around the neck. It's a neat little braided cable. The only thing about it is that you move 10 stitches at a time, which makes for some t-i-g-h-t knitting. My hand gets crampy after awhile, so I can't do it for a long stretch.

The yarn is Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette that I got a LYS's 20% after-Christmas sale. I was worried that it as going to be a bit scratchy, but actually, it's knitting up very soft and comfortable. I did wash the front and back sections and was pleased to see that it seemed to get even softer. I just hope I can finish this sweater in time to get a bit of wear out of it before it turns too warm here!

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