Thursday, May 10, 2007


Baby is 14 months now and likes to say "uh-oh" a lot, among other things. I tried this top on her and she said "uh-oh." What an astute baby! How else would she have known that Mommy made some boo-boo's? For one, I forgot a raglan increase on one side in the back. For another, I somehow messed up on following the chart for the apple (which I will fix), plus I didn't center it properly (which I won't fix). This is what happens when you have a lot of starts and stops because you're trying to manage too many things, including Baby. Oh well, I have become much less obsessive about my knitting errors and love this top just the same.

I had been very inspired by Svea in a Craftster post. I kept thinking I'd do a top that said "iBaby" but never got around to it. Since Baby is walking, I decided I'd put "iCutie" instead. Hubby had also suggested "iPotty!" Now 7-year-old Sweetie wants one that says "iGirlie." The possibilities are endless.

The top itself is something I winged and will eventually try to write up.

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