Thursday, July 12, 2007


I've not been knitting as much as I could in the last coule of days. I've been distracted playing with this:

I LOVE the iPhone. I hate AT&T. A word to the wise: if you happen to buy this phone from the AT&T store instead of an Apple store, just take it home with you right away to activate it yourself. Do not let them tell you that they need to help you set up credit preapproval. Trying to do it with them is a huge hassle. You are better off just doing it from your computer--it's a cinch.

Anyway, I am now comletely synced in my digital life :-) I did take this opportunity to reorganize my iTunes and decided that I'd like to check out some knitting podcasts. So here's a question for you...which knitting podcast(s) do you recommend?

My daughter, Sweetie, decided she wanted her own version of the Summertime Tunic, but with an Apple emblem on it, like iCutie. She hasn't decided yet what she wants it to say. It's going very quickly, even with my limited knitting time. Here's what I have:

I modified it obviously to have a smaller circumference. In addition, each section will be shorter: the bottom is 3" of stockinette, followed by 1-1/2" of 1x1 rib. We'll see how much more stockinette it needs before the armhole shaping. Oh, also, I only went down 1 needle size for the ribbing instead of 2, since a 7-year-old doesn't need lot of shaping on this top.


  1. Wow! You got one? GF wants one, but she's super turned off by the thought of having to switch to AT&T.

    We'll just sit here and stew in our jealousy. :)

  2. Looking forward to see Sweetie wears it.

  3. I am so getting one of those phones! Envy!

  4. Wow, my husband does want one of them. however, we think that we better wait for a little while.