Sunday, August 5, 2007

Are We There Yet?

If the question is about the Big Move...the answer is NO, we're not there yet. That's part of the reason I've been pretty inactive on this blog. There were delays, so our little family has been straddling 2 households. I'm in interim housing with the kids and only a part of my stash. Hopefully, all of the people and the yarn will be reunited next week.

If the question is about the Habu scarf...the answer is YES! It's done and I really like it. I might make another one at some point that is longer. There's more info about it in the Gallery.

If the question is about this striped Noro Silk Garden scarf I started...the answer help me decide. This is a Noro Silk Garden scarf inspired by brooklyntweed. It's going to be another Christmas gift, and I decided to use pretty muted colorways. The thing is, I've used up 1 skein each of the yarns. Now, this has resulted in a 5-1/2" by 43" scarf thus far. My question is whether you all think this is enough, in which case I'll return the 2 other skeins. Or, if you think it's far too short, I'll press on and use up the yarn. The scarf is intended for a ~5'10" man who lives in San Fran (so it gets windy and cold, but not frigid or snowy).

In other news, I am grateful to the super-talented Octopus Knits for this award

Thank you so much!! I'm supposed to now pick 5 other Rockin' Bloggers. This is really tough because I read a lot of blogs that really help stir the creative juices. The ones that I read the most and who have not been recently nominated yet alphabetical order...drumroll...

A Mingled Yarn
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Okay, so that's 7, not 5. I've got a lot on my mind here, so you'll forgive me for miscounting!


  1. Oh my! Thank you! Geez, I feel so loved right now!

    Great job on the scarf! I'm so intrigued by this stainless steel blend yarn.

  2. Awww, thanks! Rock on!

    I really like the colors of your Kusha scarf. I have a silver/dark grey one, and I'm thinking of subbing a different merino yarn to make a kickier one.

  3. The Kusha scarf is very interesting and pretty! The Noro striped scarf is beautiful, too. Hmm... 43 inches might be Ok if he's a tuck type of guy (as opposed to a "fling it around your neck" type of guy). Can you have a person of similar height and build try it on to see what you think? (For myself, I would probably prefer it a little longer, but...)