Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blue, Blue Christmas

I finished another scarf present...

This one went together very quickly. It's warmer than you'd think, looking at all those holes. I guess it's because the holes kind of collapse around the neck when you wrap the scarf around, so it's warm but light and comfy. Oh yeah, and did I mention it was very quick to make? That's a plus!

And in the midst of the Christmas crafting, I also took time to finish off the cropped cardigan for myself. Remember the problems I was having with it? Well, I took off the extra buttons and lightly felted it by washing it in the machine (it is machine washable) and then drying it briefly in the dryer. Now, I grant you that this made it lose its plush softness, but I was willing to accept that tradeoff because now it's more of what I had intended, and I can actually wear it. Yeah!

More project pics and details are in the gallery, if you are interested.