Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I put many patterns on my Ravelry favorites list and had been taking a wait-and-see approach to them. I wanted to see if I could find just the right yarn, just the right color, just the right inspiration. I held off on getting too many patterns because I was trying to fight my pack-rat urges, but in a fit of paranoia, I decided that I shouldn't be waiting too long on the free patterns, because they might not be there anymore. It's not just the Magknits patterns (which have largely been made available again elsewhere), but also the Interweave patterns that had disappeared when IK renegotiated with its designers. It's the patterns on someone's blog that would go away if they chose to stop working on it. And so on. I had gotten so used to thinking about the internet as infinitely accessible and "archive-able", that it caught me off guard. So I went through my favorites list and made a personal copy of the patterns I wanted. I was glad to still able to find working links to the Corset Pullover and Simply Marilyn, since those are the patterns I would have regretted not having the most. Have any of you been doing that too?

Now of course, sometimes you have no choice but to wait. And I'm not usually very good at it. I used to be that kid who would keep tapping her pencil in class. I am the person who sits a couple of seats down from you in the movie theater and jiggles her legs around so much that it makes your own seat shake a bit. I have a lot of what is called nervous energy--even when I don't feel at all nervous. I'm a fidgeter. I suppose the one good thing about all that fidgetiness is that it probably helps keeps me thin, along with a huge and lucky dose of genetics. But the fidgeting can be so annoying and can get really bad when I have to wait.

That's when knitting comes to the rescue. Waiting time can now be converted to productive knitting time! I was recently at a Bruce Springsteen concert and thought "no, of course I'm not going to bring my knitting!" I really regretted that decision, though, because he started a whole hour late. An hour! I could have done 8 rounds on my Drop Stitch Lace Tank! Hmmph.

At least I have been able to get some of my waiting time to pay off:
  • Driving through the pick-up window at Starbucks: 1/2 round
  • Waiting in the carpool pick-up line at daughter's school: 1 round
  • Standing in line at the post office on April 15th: 3 rounds
  • Riding in the passenger's seat as my husband drives us downtown: 6 rounds
  • Not getting nervous when I saw this while riding on the highway:


    1. Great post. I have heard that people with "nervous energy" tend to be thinner and it's true at least for all the people I've met who share your affliction. Truly, the great thing about knitting is its portability (most of the time).

    2. I am definitely a pattern hoarder. Constantly downloading and saving and backing-up. Often, if a pattern is not available as a pdf, I will even go to the lengths of copying text and photos into a word doc or even trying to create a pdf out of the webpage itself. I'm looking forward to the day when I upgrade to the new intel mac and can preview my documents without opening them, since with the current method it takes a long time to peruse my pattern files in order to find something I might be inspired to knit next.

      Knitting while waiting is my biggest joy. I feel like I'm almost gaining time when I do that. Call me crazy, but sometimes I'll time myself to see how long it takes me to do a row, that way I'll know how many rows I might be able to squeeze in if I have to wait say 15 minutes or whatever... Yeah, I know, I'm a freak! My next challenge: knitting at the gym!

    3. I confess; I have files and binders of printed out patterns. Some paid for, most free. Funny thing, I'm not done printing them out yet. This is normal I'm sure.

    4. Ha! I get nervous enough at seeing a Camry with a "student driver" sign, I can't imagine the stress of a semi student driver. Keep knitting that stress away!

    5. That's good to hear - I knew fidgeting was good for you!
      Your taking the situation into your own hands is a very wise decision. Woe to me, since I have no printer! You have inspired me, though, to have a look at my list. I too had a notion (rather misplaced, it seems) that the internet gloriousness would always be awaiting me! When I too found the perfect yarn, colour, etc...
      Off to Rav!

    6. I swear, you and I have so much in common it's a little freaky. I too have the nervous energy (A motivational interviewing guru once labeled it the "hurry sickness", my husband just calls it impatience). Knitting has done more for my quality of life in this area than any other. Something like a long lines or traffic used to make me antsy with the thoughts of everything I was missing, but now it's just more time for knitting.

      Great post!

      I am off to my sister's shower tomorrow, but I plan to start swatching our KAL project when I get back next week. How are your plans?

    7. Hi,
      Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. If you really like those patterns in the magazine, you should get it and I am more than happy to tell you what I know about the pattern and other stitch guide. I bet there is a Japanese knit group in Ravelry and we can get help there! =)