Monday, October 27, 2008

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Knitting...

I have not been knitting as much lately. This is mostly because I've developed an unhealthy fascination with the election*. I had never been a political junkie (and this is knitting blog, so I'm not going to expound on my political views here), but the election news keeps permeating into my consciousness and cutting into my fiber time!

That's not to say I've abandoned knitting altogether, though. I have been working on the hoodie from Classic Elite's Make It Modern booklet.

I've finished both the front and the back pieces and am blocking them. I plan to sew them up at the shoulders and start working on the hood next, but I have to wait for the blocked pieces to dry. In the meantime, I started Sarah Hutton's Anise. This pattern is from Rowan New Shapes and was also featured Simply Knitting. It is a quickie project on size 15 needles. I managed to finish up the back in a few hours while surfing political sites on the web!

* P.S. For those of you similarly afflicted with an election addiction, I offer you a bit of entertainment here.


  1. I've been totally intrigued too. Thank god it hasn't effected my gauge when I'm knitting. :)

  2. ooh looking forward to your anise. I love that little jacket - but unfortunately dont have access to simply knitting so am just admiring everyone's projects. Also , i must admit, even in australia ,im intrigued with your election!