Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bit by Bit

For a variety of reasons, I've stalled out on most of my knitting. But I try to remind myself that it's not just about the FO, right? The whole process of knitting taking things just one stitch at a time, bit by bit. I was reminded of this when Norah Gaughan posted about the Hexagaughan afghan she received. This was a collaborative effort from many of us on her Ravelry fan group. This was the brainchild of J. Reilly and was an ambitious enterprise.

My own little contribution was extremely modest. This is a hexagon made following the Spiral Scarf pattern from Knitting Nature (by Norah of course). And coincidentally, I used some Cascade 220 Heathers that I had left over from making Norah's Loppem design.

It was a fun little thing to knit, but by itself, it's nothing to speak of. But as the individual pieces trickled in from several different countries, and as J. Reilly set to work assembling them all...

Yup! Bit by bit! Gotta remember that.

(Many thanks to J. Reilly--not only for her work on coordinating and assembling the afghan, but also for her generosity in allowing her pictures to be used.)


  1. How fun--what a great collaborative effort!

  2. I love it! Collective effort is an amazing thing

  3. I'm really taken by your comments about "bit by bit". I often feel overwhelmed by some project I'm designing or working on and remembering this will really help me make it to the end, where I can enjoy it!