Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aww, shucks!

I was so honored that Yo-El gave me this blogger award. That was 2 months ago, though, and I know she must have thought I forgot (wink!), but I didn't. I just felt it was too ironic to post about it since I wasn't posting *anything* for awhile there, LOL! But since I've had some things to talk about lately, I thought I'd dust off the trophy and show it to y'all.

1. Copy the award to your site
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers
4. Link to those on your blog
5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated

Okay, I follow many blogs. So really, this is just a sampling...in alphabetical order

1. Angel Knits: beautiful items, so well-executed! I always leave her blog thinking, "oooh, I want one of those too!." 'Nuff said.

2. Canary Knits: she churns out an incredible array of really beautiful patterns. *And* she features other indie designers on her blog on Fridays, so creativity is oozing out of every pixel of that site!

3. Inspired by Life: Steph has come up with some amazing-looking creations inspired by some of my fav stores, including Anthropologie. It was her mods that I copied on the Cropped Duster.

4. Knit Creations of a Curious Mind: I've admired Olga's work for some time, and I'm so excited for her that her patterns are being published. I just finished the Petal Halter, of course, but I'm also about to embark on Akomeogi and have had the Balloon-Sleeve Jacket on my queue. It's also fun to look at the advant-garde fashions she finds.

5. Peacock Chic: She has veered more towards sewing of late, but there is still plenty of knitting and definitely no lack of creative inspiration. There is always something crafty and interesting going on. I know one of these days she will inspire me to pull out my sewing machine and grab a Burda pattern or something! Oh, and I did get a Ped-Egg after reading what she wrote about them, LOL!

And this is where I show my Kreativ bona fides by going outside the rules and picking 2 Ravelers who don't have blogs. If you visit their pattern pages, I think you'll agree that there is enough creativity there to fill up many, many posts!

6. Larisa: has a ridiculous number of projects, all of which are stunning and have perfect finishing. I suspect she knits in her sleep :-)

7. Sylphette: Sarah and I jokingly call each other knitting twins because so much of our project/fav/queue pages overlap. I'll stumble on someone else's project that I love, and I'll go to leave a comment, only to find that she had left one already. So, we share a lot of the same tastes, but she is much more prolific than I am! We are going to do a little mini-KAL together, and I just hope I can keep up :-)


  1. Thanks so much! I'm honoured, and I blush :)

    Your knits are always so awesome (I have to admit to falling in love with your Petal Halter. So beautiful!)

  2. You are the awesomest of the awesome - and thanks for the shout out! :) Looking forward to our KAL -- I have to learn how to spell the pattern name right...

  3. I'm glad you remembered! Love all the new blogs/knitters to check out!

  4. Well I really feel off the face of the blogoshpere! Thank you so much for the award ~ this is *exactly* what I need to get motivated. You are awesome!!!!!

  5. Wow...thank you so much! What an honoured to receive an award from you. I was actually thinking of giving up blogging because I didn't expect people would read my blog!
    Your knits are always beautiful - they're carefully put together with such a thoughtful way that it's such delicate and feminine. Love them all!
    Thanks again, Angel