Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On Track

You knew, didn't you, when I said back in the beginning of the month that I was just about to finish Emily, that I was jinxing myself. Right? Of course!

Wait a minute. You knew?! You could have warned me! :-) It's okay, though. I didn't really run into a problem per se, I just got distracted by other pretty shiny things. But over on Ravelry, I'm participating in the NaKniSweMoDo group --that's National Knit a Sweater a Month Dodecathon--and I figured since It's the end of May, I'd better try to stay on track and finish up my 5th one. It’s not my best knitting, ‘cause I got sloppy in the front by the neckline :-( I blocked and fudged as much as I could after the fact ‘cause I really did not feel like redoing it. There are too many other interesting things to knit that are calling out to me!

More details are on Ravelry and in the gallery. And yes, I am getting a lot of mileage out of that J. Crew belt that I got to wear with Calm.


  1. Gorgeous!! It looks great on you, and I love the way you styled it- the whole outfit looks fantastic. Great job on Emily!!

    - Julie

  2. It's gorgeous! And i love the little belt that you styled with it. Matches perfectly!

  3. Lovely! The belt makes it so so stylish. Another masterpiece from you!!

  4. Cute! The color is a fantastic choice for the pattern :)

  5. Good for you for keeping on track! I love the sleeves especially. That belt was made for handknit sweaters!!