Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Stitch A Day...

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  1. We'll be mentally capable of obsessing over yarn into our twilight years! And as much stash as some knitters have we need all the time we can get!

  2. I am knitting Sleepy Sam from The Knitted Teddy Bear. I saw on Ravelry that you had knitted this item. I am havinhg trouble with this pattern, which is: I am making Sleepy Sam. For the Head and Body, Side A, I am instructed to follow instructions for Ralph up to Row 52. After completing Row 47, I have 11 sts; I then Dec 1 st at end of Row 50 (I now have 10 sts).

    I then go to the instructions for Sleepy Sam. On Row 55, I Inc 1 st at each end of row (12 stitches). Then on Row 57 I Inc 1 st at beg of row (13 stitches). On Row 59 I cast on 3 sts at beg of row (16 sts). On Row 60 I Inc 1 st at end of row (17 stitches). On Row 61 I Inc. 1 st at beg of row (18 stitches). Finally, on Row 62 I Inc. 1 st at end of row. I have 19 stitches on my needles at this point, but the instructions say I should have 20. Have I made a mistake?

    Please help me. Thank you for any clarification you can give me.