Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Midstream

Thank you all for the kind words on Flutter. I'm wearing it today and it is comfy :-)

Meanwhile, I have been plugging away on my husband's cardigan. This morning, I happily announced:

"I managed to finish the second shoulder last night. So now, we just have to decide how high you want the collar, and then I do the buttonband, and that's it!"

"Buttonband? It's going to have buttons? I thought it would have a zipper."

Arghhhh! No wonder you're not supposed to knit sweaters for your man till there is a some sort of cultural/religious bond that is acts as a barrier to keep you from heading for the hills when you hear something like that, right?

Okay, folks. I knit this following the design elements for Jared Flood's Big Blue. This is knit back-and-forth, with a 2-inch gap that I left in the front for the buttonband. Any suggestions on what I do now? I know I need to block this first to see what I really have to work with. I'm guessing I need to pick up along the edges and knit some sort of zipper facing (which I've not made before). And I'm guessing it should be in stockinette because I'm imagining that ribbing would flare out once I tried to attach a zipper. But maybe not? Should I go for 1" facings and make it symmetric? Or a 2" facing on one side for an asymmetric opening? Any input is appreciated.


  1. I'd go for 1" and make it symmetric. Have you considered the linen stitch? http://www.knittingonthenet.com/stitches/linen.htm It's very dense, and would make a nice piece of fabric to attach a zipper to.

  2. I would go for 1" also. I would probably to an I-cord edging on each side and then sew the zipper under it. It will "hide" the zipper. But I haven't done the thing Betty mentioned so that may work nicely too!

  3. I'd finish it as design and find a new receipient. But then I've been married a long time....

  4. Sounds like #1 is the best bet. Nice that you are looking at options because my man would not be so fortunate.

  5. You are extremely generous! I like the idea of a dense fabric to which to attach the border...

  6. I like asymmetrical openings for cardigans. I think I am going through a phase. Has he seen the button version? That is a very nice looking cardigan.