Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Friend In Need

I have a dear friend who I first met 14 years ago when we were in school together. We have since gone our separate ways but have remained in touch. She lives 1,300 miles away, but we are still very close. So in the past couple of months while she has been having a hard time dealing with her husband's health issues, I did my best to be there for her and we talked often. But when things didn't go well and she was feeling more stressed, I felt pretty powerless to help her. Finally, I decided I should do what I always do when *I* need to de-stress: knit. I started this project on a whim, and this is what emerged. Her name is Liz and she likes lizards, so when a Rav search yielded a dishcloth pattern with a lizard graphic, I used it as the foundation for a simple stole. I hope it brings her as much comfort to have it as it brought me to knit it.

More info on Ravelry and in the gallery.


  1. knitting makes big problems seem more manageable, I totally agree that it's the way to deal with things. I hope her husband's health improves soon!

    - Julie

  2. That's a beautiful stole, and a beautiful thought.

  3. very cute. it will definitely lift her spirits.