Saturday, October 17, 2009

Indy Spirit

We recently took a trip to Indianapolis and I thought I'd share a few pictures with you. One of the places we went was Conner Prarie, an interactive history museums depicting life in the 1800's. There, we watched people doing fun things like woodworking

and frying up puffball mushrooms.

And what 1800's experience would be complete without farm animals?

It was quite a neat place. Of course, since this is a knitting blog, I'll also mention that there was a basket of knitting casually left out in the sitting room of one of the houses.

If you think that's interesting, then you'd definitely want to see the "Loom Room." The room has a large loom, a spinning wheel and hanks of yarn dyed using various natural ingredients.

Not only did we see a life-sized loom room, but we saw a miniature one as well. These pictures come from a dollhouse display at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Since travel time is just about synonymous with knitting time for us knitters, I did bring along a project, and I'll show you a sneak peek. Anyone recognize it? (no fair peeking at my Rav page)


  1. ooh, that's so cool!!! I love museums like that.

    - Julie

  2. What a neat place -- I think it would have been so cozy to live in that era.

    I think I might have an idea about what you're knitting ;-) If this cooler weather keeps up, you might actually get to wear it soon.

  3. Looks like such a great place to visit. Thanks for showing it to us all!