Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little by Little

The blogosphere has seemed strangely quiet the last few weeks. I thought maybe everyone was just busy with her Ravelympics projects, but then I realized the culprit: Bloglines pooped out on me. It turns out that I have not been getting consistent updates for awhile, but I only became aware of it when I didn't get my own feed. So, I have dropped Bloglines and moved on to Google reader. So far, I like it much better!

I just wanted to drop in to let you know that it was Gina's name that came out of the hat. Yay! I am waiting to hear which prize she will choose for herself. The charity she picked is Kiva. I was not familiar with this organization before, but it's a pretty cool concept. You can contribute to micro-loans made to entrepreneurs around the world (82% of them are women!). The contributions add up, little by little, until the project is funded. As knitters, we all know how even the smallest actions can gradually add up to have a big impact. Thanks, Gina.

BTW, if you are curious, the project I'm currently working on is Wisteria. The body is all done and blocked; I just have to go back and do the sleeves. And my favorite project from the Spring IK? It's Audrey's Cardigan.


  1. hmmm. Since I'm in "transition", following blogs on both Bloglines and Reader, I just switched yours over to my Reader list. When I did, you only had 1 subscriber on Bloglines. Guess you now have none?

  2. It's very odd. It's showing 64 subscribers now, which is what I had had. And just this morning, it detected my post from 2/17 (only 5 days late!). And no updates from a blog I suscribe to that I know has had 7 posts in that time period. The list goes on, so I'm glad I moved over

  3. Love Wisteria! I can't wait to see it on you! (Is is for you?)