Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've never been a particularly good multi-tasker. I mean, I can do it sometimes, but I can't keep it up for long--at least not without messing up something. This applies to my knitting too. Unlike many of you, I absolutely cannot knit while listening to an audiobook. I can knit during TV, but only if 1. the knitting is simple stockinette, or else 2. whatever is on TV is not that worthwhile. I can knit in a group, but if I'm on a "hard part," I clam up for awhile. And it's no wonder. I recently read A. J. Jacob's collection of Essays, The Guinea Pig Diaries, in which he reminds us that multi-tasking is really just serial uni-tasking.

After my 12-sweaters-in-a-year challenge last year, I've been focusing on some of my other interests. I was reading a lot for awhile, and then I picked up some other arts and crafts. Besides my little stint in L.A., I hadn't been knitting every day, but now I'm ready to get back into it, I think. To start, I'll share with you a little FO from back in January:

This is Drifted Pearls, knit in the recommended yarn, Rowan Lima. It's a lovely pattern. The yarn is cozy, but it's not the best for showing off the gorgeous stitch pattern. I don't regret using the Lima because I was really anxious to try it out and was looking for almost any excuse to use it, but if you want more "pop" from the cables and bobble, you'd do well to pick something else. More pictures are on Ravelry.


  1. Love the scarf! the pattern is so lovely. I have it on my endless Ravelry queue.

    Thanks also for the link to A.J.'s essays. I read the real simple link and I too probably need to go on a focus diet. Right after I finish this comment, while drinking coffee and writing my to-do list for the day :O)

  2. Your Drifted Pearls is really lovely. I actually think the Rowan Lima is a great balance for the cables and bobbles -- it invites closer inspection and it's a softer look, rather than Cables! Bobbles! I've had my eye on the golden-colored Lima and think I might have to try it with this pattern someday.

    But the best "pearl" in this entry is your link to the A.J. Jacobs essay. I had a lightbulb moment the other day when I realized I miss so many meaningful connections throughout my day when I'm maniacally multi-tasking and several things I've been reading have confirmed it.

    You might enjoy the blog I came across yesterday while I was reading the L.A. Times online: Snob on a Bus.

  3. gorgeous!! I can see what you mean about the yarn halo and the ssstitch definition, but the colour is so pretty, and it looks really warm.

  4. I think I'll adopt the term "serial uni-tasking" -- it's fantastic! Your work on the scarf is gorgeous, as usual. And I fully agree with your assessment of the yarn on this pattern.

  5. It's beautiful! I see what you mean about the pop of the stitch pattern, but I like the fuzzy rustic-ness of the Lima, too.

  6. Very pretty! The yarn looks so snuggly, but if one's going to do cables and bobbles, I agree a crisper yarn shows those features off better.

    At first I thought your FO was the sweater you're wearing, and I was confused why the yarn in the 2nd picture was so green.