Monday, March 15, 2010

If I Could Turn Back Time

So, how are you enjoying the time change? I know a handful of people with very young kids who are glad for the change because now their toddlers are not getting up so early. But if you're like me, it's not been fun to lose that extra hour. It's particularly painful when you're not a morning person (I am not a morning person).

As long as I'm fantasizing about getting to turn that clock back, I might as well go waaaayyyy back and catch up on some blogging I missed. Last October, when I was visiting Indianapolis, it rained on a day when we were going to visit a dairy farm, so we nixed that idea. After lunch, my husband suggested that I see if there were any yarn stores around, and the Yarnphone site on my iPhone helped me find Knit Stop. What a great store that was! My original intent was to find a local yarn to bring back as a souvenir, but the only thing local they had was a bulky alpaca, which I'd never get to wear here in Texas. So I just browsed and petted for awhile until I came across some GGH Bel Air in the sale bin. I could hardly believe my eyes! I had been looking for this yarn forever! Well, not forever--but ever since Rebecca #32 came out and I fell in love with the Lacy Coat knit in Bel Air. Naturally, it required 11 balls. Naturally, no yarn store ever had more than 10 balls of a given color to sell. Naturally, I had not been able to find a suitable substitute. So for a couple of years, I had carried around the idea that I wanted to find 11 balls of Bel Air, and suddenly, there they were, and at 50% off to boot! They even had an extra ball, and I got that too.

Of course, after I got the yarn home, the inevitable happened: I fell out of love with the pattern. I realized, after looking at the schematic, that even the smallest size would be too big on me, and it was not an easy pattern to modify. I realized that unless I planned to constantly twirl around, it would likely just hang in a limp and unflattering way. And so now I had a massive amount of this yarn and no clear plans for it.

To my surprise, my daughter asked if I would knit up something for her with the Bel Air. She thought it was really soft, even against her very sensitive skin. I agreed and knit her her own Vine Lace Cardigan since she had admired mine.

I still had a bunch left over after that, so I took the yarn with me on a quick, relaxing trip to Florida

and worked on Cocoon.

With the remaining yarn, I made a chemo cap for a high school friend who needed one

And I still have one ball left. I really have no idea what to do with this last ball, but the I've already gotten a lot of mileage out of my purchase. I'm sure something will come to time.


  1. ohhhhh i love all 3 of the projects you made...that color is gorgeous too!!

  2. great projects, both of them!! And it's so great that got a good deal on the yarn.

  3. That's an awesome story, both getting the yarn and all the fantastic FOs you made from it!

  4. wow! I love Cocoon especially, but all three look great.

  5. I love your cocoon and your daughter's cardigan. They both looks comfy to wear. I know what you should do with the leftover yarn...(wink..wink) :)

  6. Wow, way to get the most out of your yarn! Maybe you can make a little spring scarf with the last ball?