Thursday, April 1, 2010

Passing Time

I'm about to go on a weekend trip, and I am trying to decide what to bring with me. If I get a chance to stop at my LYS before heading out of town, I might get some yarn for making a scarf like Orata's Latitude and Longitude. It's well past scarf season where I live, but it's the type of project that'd be perfect for travel knitting. The other thing I have been actively working on is Peltigera, but I'm going to be making mods to it, and I'll need to keep trying it on, which I can't do (legally) in public. I'm also still working on my Seascape Stole, but those are on metal lace needles. Even though I always print out a recent copy of the TSA's policy on knitting needles to keep with me, I know that ultimately, it's up to the individual TSA agent to decide, and I don't want to risk having my needles taken away or my work messed up. I might have to dive into my Rav fav list and my stash to come up with something.

I have 2 FO's to show you, but they haven't been properly photographed. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this WSJ article about some men who *really* do a lot of traveling. These are truckers who have taken up knitting and quilting to pass time.

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  1. The link about the truckers is really interesting, thanks for sharing! i showed it to my boyfriend and he said "while they're driving? that sounds a little unsafe." The problem of needing to wait for a return shipment had never occurred to me.