Sunday, June 13, 2010

No Two Alike

I have been checking out a lot of different crochet books from the library so that I can preview them to see which ones I want to buy for my own shelves. In the process, I've run across some lovely motifs, and I thought it would be fun to crochet some of them into ornaments for Christmas. I particularly like the ones that would make pretty snowflakes, and since there are so many designs, I thought I'd make only one of each.

This particular snowflake is from Super Stiches Crochet. I like it, but it turned out a little more unique than I had intended.

Can you spot my mistake?

I wasn't paying close attention (I was catching up on some Mad Men), and I ended up with a 5-pointed star instead of a 6-pointed snowflake.

Ahhh...that's better.

ETA I'm going to be adding any further snowflakes to the same Rav project page.


  1. Look at you with all your crochet! It's loverly!

  2. I did the same thing last Christmas :)

    MrMooncalf insisted that nobody would notice but I couldn't use them.

    All through December I kept seeing window displays with 5-pointed snowflakes in. Amazing how you can before hyper-aware of a mistake :)

  3. ha..i seriously wouldn't have noticed the mistake if you didn't say anything!! i love seeing all the crochet projects you've been working on!

    p.s. i posted it on my blog - but just in case, the star wars pancakes are from william sonoma! they have cookie cutters too!

  4. The 5-pointed star looks like a person. Or at least that's what I see! They're both lovely

    I love the idea of a snowflake-bedecked tree. And what a lovely idea for gift toppers too.

    PS I just added this book to my Amazon shopping cart and they're telling me that if I get the knitting version of this book, I'll get free shipping. You should get commission :-)