Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Size Fits All

I've finished the bulk of the knitting on Simo. Wanna see something funny?

Now that is a versatile pattern! The armholes are a little tight on me, and it probably won't fit anymore once I actually knit up the bottom part of the sleeves, but I guess this means that once the little one has outgrown it, I can repurpose this thing if I wanted to without too much effort!


  1. That is SO awesome!

    Now I'm wondering about the thought process that led you to try this . . . because it's pretty brilliant that you did!

  2. Great photos and so cool to see! I would have never guessed it could be used for small, medium and adult. So cool!

  3. You know what? I'm a bit embarrassed, but I think I'm going to sit down and have a think about exactly what I see here. Because it looks so ingenious and twisted clever at the same time.

    The cleverness of knitters - love it!