Sunday, August 1, 2010

Twist & Shout

I awoke to discover that the new issue of Twist Collective is out, and it's a beaut! I faved almost the whole thing, but the ones I'd most like to knit are Acorns, Metro, Peregrine, Hallett's Edge, Kiloran, and Promenade. The whole issue is gorgeous, and the "Une Historie Comme les Autres" photo store is brilliant!

Good thing my knitting mojo is coming back. More on that later...

What about you? Are there any patterns in this issue that strike your fancy?


  1. Like you, I drooled over SO many! I can see myself making Acorn and Twinflower, and think the Red Oak coat is great. Happy knitting!

  2. I loved so many of them, but Peregrine is a pattern I can see myself knitting and wearing! Promenade comes in a close second. I love Acorns as well.

  3. I forgot it was coming out. YIKES! Thanks for the reminder!