Friday, September 24, 2010

Be the Tortoise

I am prone to distraction by the new and the shiny. Oh look! What a cool pattern! OMG, that yarn is soooo yummy! I tend to have a constant case of startitis, excitedly casting on the latest and greatest, but before I can finish, something else catches my fancy. We know, though, that it's not the quick-starting hare that wins the race; it's the slow and steady tortoise. I realized today as I bought another pattern booklet that I still have some summery projects I have yet to complete.

So folks, I am gonna channel my inner tortoise (after I find her) and commit to finishing up 3 of my WIPs before casting on for something new. There. I've said it!

Oh, and I realized I also forgot to blog about my Japonica Cravat, which means I was *this* close to the finish line but hadn't totally crossed it. Here it is then:

Kirsten Johnstone came up with such a neat pattern. As always, the Habu stainless steel yarn was a lot of fun. I just love working with Habu yarns, and I'm so jealous of my cousin, who was able to go to the Habu store in New York. As you can see, I did have enough yarn after all. In fact, I might even have enough for the Coralie earrings--not that I'm casting on or anything.

Details on Ravelry.


  1. You are really, truly, going to finish 3 projects before you start a new one?!! I admire your resolve!!

  2. you mean i'm actually supposed to finish a project i start?! ;)