Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It Takes Two

Have you noticed that Berroco has several different lines of yarn that come in matching colors but different weights? There are 2 weights of Blackstone Tweed, 2 of Pure Merino, 2 of Vintage, 3 of Comfort, and 3 of Ultra Alpaca. As it so happens, 2 of my favorite patterns from them this season use a mixture of weights: Wulfenite and Baudelaire. That is pretty clever of Berroco because that makes it much harder to find yarn subs if you need to!

My LYS doesn't carry the Blackstone Tweed or Blackstone Tweed Chunky that's required for Baudelaire. Even if they did, the yarn contains mohair and angora, and I've found that I am sometimes sensitive to those fibers, no matter how soft they feel on the ball. Luckily, though, I already had some Berroco Remix from my daughter's dress, and I realized that if I doubled up on it, I could get very close to gauge for the chunky yarn. Yay!

I've had sooo much fun knitting this pattern. The main body knits up pretty quickly in chunky weight. There are so many fun design details to keep your interest along the way. So neat!

Here she is, then: my finished Baudelaire.

I have lots more pics and details on mods on Ravelry.


  1. wow, wow, wow...i seriously love how this turned out!! that little pop of color is just perfection!

  2. I love that pattern and your sweater is absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful job.

  3. Wow beautiful knitting and looks great on you!

  4. This is adorable! I love the ruffled edged in orange especially!

  5. I think the Remix was an inspired choice -- and the addition of the bright contrast color is the cherry on the top! I loved seeing it up close!

  6. Love this! Perfect accent colour choice!