Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inspired By

Inspired by Michele Pacey to look at tape dispensers in a different way

We had a painting party for my daughter's birthday, and instead of a cake, she wanted cookies shaped like artists' palettes. Well, we were able to find a couple of cookie cutters online, but I was worried they wouldn't arrive in time unless we paid exorbitant amounts for rush delivery. We experimented a bit and found that a clean tape dispenser would give us a passable palette shape.

We baked them for 2 minutes less than the usual cooking time and took them out of the oven. As you can see, they've spread out a bit. I used the bottom of an icing decorating tip to recreate the hole by pressing down firmly and giving just a bit of a twist.

Then, the cookies were put back into the oven to finish baking. After they cooled off, we popped out the hole, and the kids decorated.

We used gel icing tubes to make paint splotches. The paintbrushes are pretzel sticks with a wad of Fruit Roll-Ups at the tip, and they are attached with just a dab of icing. Tah-dah!


  1. Wow. They are so cool and such a great idea!

  2. I love those! And who would have thought -- tape dispensers! The shape is perfect too.

  3. What a great idea! Looks like a fun party, and I bet the cookies were super-tasty after the decorations!

  4. So great! Art + economy all wrapped up in one COOL party project. I love it! Thanks for letting me know about it SoKnitPicky! This is the best part of blogging for me. :)

  5. What a wonderful idea! They came out great.

  6. Hi So Knit Picky! I was wondering if it would be possible for me to use one of these photos for a post i'm doing sometime soon? I will be featuring things people have created inspired from things I've made. Would that work for you? I will link to this post and to your site.

    Thanks so much! Let me know what you think!

    Michele Pacey

  7. These cookies are awesome! So imaginative, they turned out great :)