Saturday, January 1, 2011

Inspired By

I like the lull after all the festivities are over, when it's time to kick back, relax, eat leftovers, and watch the kids enjoy their presents before school starts again. I hope all of you had good celebrations last month and are enjoying a few days of easing into the new year.

I was inspired by The Decorated Cookie to think about making melted snowman cookies because hers were just brilliant! I'm not wild about fondant, though, so I ended up using marshnallows like Crazy Domestic did:

We did some improvising here. I started making the icing from scratch, but it didn't work out. I recently switched to using a brand of organic powdered sugar. Although it looks white on its own, when I mixed it up, it made flesh-colored icing--as in the color of my flesh, not a snowman's flesh. At first, I tried to cover the marshmallow head in this icing, like makeup foundation, but it didn't look so good. Instead, I got out some leftover Pillsbury cake icing and thinned it out with milk, and it worked perfectly!

We used edible markers to decorate the faces. Since we only had red and yellow but no orange, we touched the tip of the red marker to the yellow marker (a la Blendy Pens) to be able to make the "carrot" noses. The rest of the decorations were made with little tubes of premade icing or icing gels. I didn't have any icing gels in brown or black for the arms, so I sucked up some blue food coloring into my orange tube, squished it around, and came up with something passable to use. The snowballs some of them are holding in their hands are mini marshmallows salvaged from a hot cocoa mix.

The kids did really great. Check out the pirate and princess snowmen in the center!

I am on the verge of finishing up 2 knitting projects, so I hope to be able to share those soon. Happy New Year!


  1. These are too gorgeous to eat! And you did quite the artistic blendy save making all those colors.

    All the best to you and your family for 2011!

  2. These snowmen are just too cute! Thank you for sharing, I will not forget about these for next year. I can't wait to see your new projects, and happy new year!

  3. Those are adorable. I love them!

  4. How fun! I love these--they would be great for classroom winter parties.