Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inspired By

Inspired by Amanda Formaro, via AsianMommy, to make Lunar New Year "Firecrackers."

I thought this was such a cute idea, but I wanted mine to really pop, so I thought it would be fun to do a mash-up between this decorative firecracker and an English Christmas cracker. Fusion crafting!

Cardboard tube
Cracker snap
Red construction paper
Markers or Crayons
Toys and trinkets to fill the firecracker


Measure the diameter of your cardboard tube and cut 2 squares with length measurements twice that size. The diameter of my tube is 2", so I cut 2 4x4" squares.

Center your tube over the squares and trace.

Use your scissors to cut slits from the edge of the square to the edge of the circle you've just traced (my daughter said it's like making sun rays). You can pencil in guidelines if you'd like.

Set one paper square aside. In the other, cut a 1/4" slit in the middle of the circle and thread a cracker snap through it. You'll want any pencil markers on the underside so they don't show.

Place the piece of paper over one end of the cardboard tube. Fold down the slits to shape the paper over the tube, but don't fold the slit that is directly over the snap. Tape in place (you can glue, but taping is faster). You can either trim off the slit that is on top of the snap or just fold it down at the end, but the idea is that you don't want to glue or tape over the snap itself because if it's attached to the cardboard tube at the top, it won't be able to pull properly when it's time to open the firecracker.

Fold down the snap so it rests against the outside of the cardboard tube.

On the other end of the tube, fold the snap so that it goes over the edge of the tube and into the inside. Tape in place both outside and inside the tube (this adds extra security so that there's enough traction later for the snap to work properly).

Fill the tube with trinkets. We used a red money envelope, some artificial flowers, and a cocktail umbrella.

Use the paper square that you'd previously set aside to seal the open end of the tube.

Cut a rectangle of paper that measures the height of your tube and is as long as the circumference of the tube + 1/2" for overlap. My tube is 4" high and has a circumference of 6-1/4", so I cut a piece of paper that was 4 x 6-3/4". Decorate with markers or crayons; if you have gold, that's a particularly festive choice.

Starting on the opposite side of your tube from where the snap lies, glue down one edge of your rectangle. Wrap it around the tube and glue down the remaining edge.

When it's time to celebrate, instruct your guests to pull firmly on the "fuse" of the firecracker. They'll get a nice pop, and then they can open up the firecracker to discover their goodies. Enjoy!


  1. Cool! I didn't realize there was a special "crack"-ing component to the firecrackers!

  2. What a great way to celebrate the New Year--so fun!