Friday, March 18, 2011

Fair Play

My daughter realizes she made a mistake. She regrets sharing with me that her teacher often says "fair is not always equal." This phrase has become a new favorite of mine and has supplanted my previous favorite mommy phrase: "that's a privilege, not a right." Believe me, it is a handy way to settle disputes about unequal portions of dessert, discrepant chore charts, and all matter of "how come she can do that?" complaints.

There are times, though, when my daughter readily admits that fair really is not always equal. After Janet made my little one a pair of mittens, she wanted to make a pair for my other daughter as well. But keen observer that she is, Janet had noticed that the older one is sooo not into pink and has a characteristically tween aversion to wearing things meant to keep you really warm. So she came up with these (Rav link):

They were a surprise to me, too, since I thought they were socks when I originally saw them. As you can tell from the shirt my daughter's wearing, this Regia colorway really captures her current color favorites really well, and she loves them. Brilliant!


  1. i love the colors!! and i love that phrase -must remember it for myself!

  2. your daughter groans about the phrase now, but one day she'll have kids of her own and find herself saying the same thing because it's just so true! those arm warmers are so great.

  3. I love that phrase, and I really like the sentiment as well.

    I try hard to teach my children to enjoy each other's successes, not everything given to one is necessarily given to the other just because one deserved a treat (or whatever).

    I haven't had a phrase for it before, now I have one!

    And in turn, whilst your daughter regrets sharing it with you - my children may regret you sharing it with me (among others) ....

    cute mitts.

  4. What a nice way to phrase it -- it sounds better than my occasional "Life isn't fair!" utterance (oops).

    I'm honored she loves them! I was very much like her in that I never wore seasonally-appropriate clothes and I avoided anything pink (still do!). So when you mentioned her aversion to warm clothing in winter, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. It was a nice bonus that the shop had sock yarn in all the colors I've seen her wear. (Plus, these don't get in the way of reading, typing, guitar-strumming or viola-playing) :-)

    I love your photo -- so representative!