Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspired By

Inspired by Serious Eats to make pie pops for a Pi Day celebration at my daughter's school:

While I'm a huge fan of sweets, I'm not a huge fan of inundating kids with sweets at school. However, this was a day in which we knew that lots of kids would be bringing in pies to share. My daughter has a severe food allergy, though, so she can't ever eat things that don't have clear ingredient listings, for fear of contamination. I didn't want her to feel left out, so I decided to send her along with something we knew for sure would be safe for her to eat. We were really busy the evening we had to make this, so I took major shortcuts here. I used refrigerated pie crusts and canned apple pie filling. All I had to do was put it together with my daughter's help. Voila! One package of pie crusts (they come 2 to a box) yielded a dozen pie pops.

Happy Pi Day! Now go do something geeky.

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