Monday, July 11, 2011

Second Set of Eyes

I have been really busy with houseguests this summer, and I've hardly had any time to knit. The little progress I was making on my Nespelem cardi came to a standstill when I had nearly completed the left front piece and realized my stitch count was off. I went back over the instructions countless times, to no avail. I went searching for errata, but I couldn't find any. Since there are already 90 projects on Ravelry, I figured that if there was a mistake, someone would have caught it by now. I was stumped!

Luckily, a friend from my knitting group came to my rescue. After looking at the directions for just a few minutes, she asked if I had remembered to do the waist increases. Ummm. No. I had not. It was one of those directions that tell you to do the waist shaping the same as for the back, and I dutifully did the waist decreases. But I had completely forgotten to increase out again. No wonder my stitch count was off! It really does help to have a second pair of eyes sometimes. Many thanks, S.!

I have some time this week when I'll be able to knit. Now that I can move forward again, I hope to have some real knitting to show you next week!

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