Saturday, September 17, 2011

Right Now

On the needle cords: February Fitted Pullover using Spud & Chloe Sweater in color 7509 "Firecracker." I've finished the waist decrease and am getting ready to block it to test for fit.

On the nails: Sephora by OPI Eve-y on the Eyes, with a layer of OPI It's My Year on the accent nail.

In the belly: Iveta cinnamon chip scone


  1. I'm not sure which I like better: the color of your sweater or your nails! : )

  2. Had to laugh to "in the belly". :)

  3. Thanks, guys!

    @Juicyknits: you can see how my mind works, LOL! They are yummy, BTW :-)

  4. Well thanks, Karen! I really admire your nails, so that's huge for you to say :-)

  5. I love the bold colors of both your pullover and your polish!

    Along with the yummy cinnamon chip scones, all this scene needs is Fall leaves and hot chocolate.

  6. @Twisted Knitter, a bit of cooler weather would have added a lot to the scene, but hey, we can't have it all ;-)