Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Inspired By

Inspired by Cookies & Cups, via Grace Wuensche, to make a Santa Party Mix:

The Santa hats are a little time consuming, but they're very easy to make. In fact, the hardest part was actually finding Bugles for the hats since my local stores don't seem to stock them a lot. I had to have a little extra help from an elf to locate them. For the snack mix, I used pretzels, Rice Chex, almonds, and Whoppers instead of the original recipe since we have to keep ours peanut-free. It would have been more colorful if we could have used M&Ms, but even the plain ones are processed with peanuts, so they're a no-no for us. I really miss Hershey's Kissables because they were a tasty and safe alternative to M&Ms, but they're no longer made. Regardless, the mix was a big hit!


  1. Okay, this is beyond wonderful!

  2. Time consuming I'm sure, but so darn cute! Little edible Santa hats, love!

  3. Delicious in every way - I adore the Santa hats and want to make these myself now. Your elf is such an enabler and obviously enjoys a challenge that happened to pay off in the end ;-)

  4. I used up a whole bottle of nonpareils. If I had any more on hand, I would definitely have made more Santa hats. They're almost as addictive to make as they are to eat.

    And yes, Twisted Knitter, my elf *is* an enabler!