Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inspired By

Inspired by I Heart Organizing, via Doan, to make an earring holder:

Many years ago, waaaayyyy before Pinterest (was there really such a time?), I had made myself a similar earring holder, but I used a wire mesh. Until I saw that pin, I had no idea that decorative aluminum sheets were pretty readily available at home supply stores. My older daughter got her ears pierced last month and she received some earrings for Christmas. When she asked for an earring organizer, we went to Home Depot and picked out a lincane sheet. We would have preferred silver, but it wasn't available. Jen from I Heart Organizing used her version to hang dangling earrings, but my daughter's earrings all have posts with backs, so we modified the design a little. We found a hinged double frame at Michael's, which allowed the frame to stand on its own and give her easy access to the back. We were also limited to sheets that had smaller holes since the earrings she got are pretty tiny and we didn't want them slipping right through some of the bigger holes. To fit the sheet into the frame, one option would have been to cut the sheet to the exact dimensions of the opening and then glue it in place in the back. I decided instead to cut it just a bit taller than the opening and then wedge it in to the upper and lower grooves on the back of the frame. This means that the sheet flexes out a bit towards the front, but my daughter liked the look, and it felt really secure.

We have enough of the lincane sheet left over to make a couple more of these in the future if she needs them.


  1. How nice for a little girl to learn organization at an early age. There is something in the air after Christmas, we want to tidy up and organize. I know after all the clutter I am ready for some tidy spots!

  2. Thanks, Kristen. My girls decided, on their own, to reorganize their closet the day after Christmas and take stock of what they no longer use. I feel like I can check off one of my parenting goals, LOL!

  3. What a great idea -- I might steal it! :-)

    (BTW, we both used to work for the company that makes those Lincane sheets)

  4. I've been looking around DIY blogs and pininterest for just this type of thing for my daughter.... Yay! I'll be "borrowing" your clever idea in time for her birthday next month. xo

  5. Thanks, guys! Borrow/steal away!