Saturday, March 31, 2012

Inspired By

Inspired by Martha Stewart & Amy Sedaris, via Jill Dater, to award homemaking badges:

Last weekend, I taught my 12-year-old how to iron. We talked about the basics of how to operate an iron, check for fiber content on clothing, and select the proper setting. She practiced on a few different items, including a dress shirt.

On Wednesday, she earned her cooking badge by preparing a whole meal by herself. She found the recipe, added ingredients to our weekly shopping list, and did all the prepping and cooking. She also had to do most of the cleaning. I stayed out of the kitchen and only helped if she got really stuck and called me. Although we often have the girls help out in the kitchen, it's definitely a different experience (for everyone) having one of them actually running the show.

We kept the badges simple--just printed them out on paper, and then she added them to her journal. When I have a little more time, I'm going to design some similar ones for other life skills, including ones for my 6-year-old: tying shoes, operating the washer/dryer, sweeping, etc.

I found a shirt with a button that needs to be replaced, so I guess we'll be working on the sewing badge next! ;-)


  1. this is pretty awesome...i need to do this with my 7yr old.