Friday, April 27, 2012

Bitten by the Bug

I know you were starting to wonder, but yes, I do still knit! I just have been juggling lots of other things, so knitting has been a more rare luxury.

Several of the ladies in my knitting group have knit the Color Affection shawl, and I got caught up in the buzz. Initially, there was just a little sting of interest as I admired my friends' beautiful projects. But then, a welt of an idea formed and I got the itch to flick through some Ravelry projects. Next thing I knew, I was feverishly scratching at countless pictures, and I knew I had to make one myself.

More pictures and details on Ravelry

This was a wonderful mindful knit. No wonder so many people have made one! At the last meeting I was able to attend, more than half our group was working on one, each unique. I enjoyed it so much that I've since gotten yarn for a second one. I'm feeling a little twitch right now. I might just go cast on!


  1. I was wondering what you've been working on! That is gorgeous!

  2. I keep returning to this shawl thinking "soon, another time," but seeing yours is making me twitch a little, too!

  3. Twitch!
    Just as I am binding off Wholehearted.


  4. I wanna make one too! But i have too many other things to make. Once I finish the Wibbly Wobble cowl I'm going to.

  5. oh..this pattern has made such a buzz...someone sent it to me last week...looks beautiful!

  6. Bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz! Thank you guys, and I apologize in advance for anyone who's getting bitten too! :-D

  7. Yours is gorgeous! I'm glad you committed to the orange.

    Color Affection - what an apt name for the pattern.