Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Accidents

I finished the Exposed Seam Pullover and am ready to share it with you!

It feels so good to have an FO! Even though I made some mistakes along the way, they worked out in the end.

After making the body, you make the left sleeve. After you divide the sleeve stitches, you're supposed to join them to the front of the body on RS rows and to the back on WS rows. I accidentally put the sleeve on the right side of the body instead of the left, which meant that my joins were reversed. This actually worked out much better, though, because the joins created on the WS rows turned out much neater, and those were the ones that ended up in the front. See the difference?


I had to jiggle the excess yarn out of the stitches in the back before blocking to get a decent result.

The other thing that happened to me was that I used up every last bit of 8 balls of yarn but hadn't quite finished. I only had 10 sleeve rows left to knit, but I would have had to break into an extra ball. I'm glad I decided to block first. After I did, the shorter sleeve turned out to be the perfect length, so I bound it off and went back to shorten the other sleeve. If I had forged on, they would have both been too long!

put in a lifeline
cut off the cast-on edge and frogged

More pictures and details are on Ravelry.


  1. Very cute! And kudos for blocking first and saving a ball of yarn!

    1. Thank you! And yes, saving that ball of yarn was very satisfying ;-)

  2. I love the construction details. Great pullover.

  3. That looks super comfortable! Great job!