Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lost in Space

I've been feeling so spacey this past week. Maybe it's all the antihistamines I'm taking to control my allergies. I went to my knitting group a few days ago but didn't bring my project! I grabbed my newly purchased drink and drove back home to retrieve the yarn, but then I forgot my drink in the car when I came back!

Yesterday, my husband saw me working on my daughter's fingerless mitts. Knowing I had already finished one, he asked, "Are you working on the left one now?" Oops! I had completely forgotten that I was, in fact, supposed to be working on the left one, and I had started the thumb gusset in the wrong place. Luckily, I was only 2 rows into it, so it was an easy fix. I'm glad he caught my mistake in time! Two rights don't make it right!


  1. I've had a few of those spacey moments myself recently ... too much on our minds? I've decided that I need to slow down a bit -- let's see if that helps! Oh, and you've got a very attentive hubby!

  2. lol. totally been there - daily! :P

  3. Haha! That stuff happens to me all the time. Those mitts look really cute!

  4. I hope you're spaciness (sp?) has resolved itself by now. At least you have the antihistamines as an excuse/reason. I am spacey enough without them!

    As much as I love the mitts, it's the cute patterns that I want! Tell hubby he has a good eye for detail. :-)