Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's the Little Things

I'm a fan of cupcakes, tapas, dollhouse furniture, and hotel bottles of shampoo. Making something smaller makes it a bigger draw for me. You'll understand, then, that I could not resist these little bundles of joy!

Isn't it adorable? This is the Denise2Go set (which, strangely, I couldn't find on the Denise website 
is almost hidden on the website).

Inside are 6 sets of needle tips, size 5-10, as well as a crochet hook tip. Genius! Tucked in the back are 2 end buttons, 1 extender, and 3 cords: 14", 16", and 19". Anytime I'm using a needle that's a size 5 or larger, I knit exclusively with my Denise set. This portable version is absolutely perfect for me. I travel a fair bit, and I often bring a new project to work on during the trip. It's just lighter and more convenient than bringing a big heavy project that's nearly done. Because I don't usually swatch, I often change needle sizes as I go along if the size isn't working out. This way, I can conveniently carry all the needles I'm likely to use. Love it!

My second find is a pattern for dainty little fingerless mitts.

It's part of the new collection of patterns from Blue Sky Alpacas for their Royal Petites yarn. Sigh. They had me at "Petites." The yarn is dreamy, and just look at the cute retro styling of the pattern! There's a little folder that holds a picture of adorable alpacas on one side and the pattern on the other side. The mitts go quickly, and I'll have some FOs to share with you soon.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the Denise2Go set ... I'd be all over those!

  2. Aren't those BSA patterns amazing? I saw them at the yarn shop Alicia and I visited about a month ago, and I fell in love too. It was really hard not to buy every single one! My favorite thing about them is the retro drawings! So cute!

  3. I totally understand - it's as if they called and asked you exactly what you wanted!

    I found the Denise To-Go set buried deep on the websiteseveral days ago. (I wanted to see exactly what was in it). I fell hard for them too, as you know, and love that everything fits in there so compactly. Brilliant. And those are the sizes I'd most likely want duplicates of anyway. But what cinched it for me above all else?! COLORS!

    Can't wait to see your mitts!

    1. Good find on that link! Thank you! You'd think they'd have it more prominently displayed.

      Yes, I love the colors on those needles!