Saturday, January 6, 2007

Soul in Limbo

I've been working on this tube top entitled "Soul" from Rowan's Calmer Collection. I had high hopes for it, but alas, it's really not working out.

For one thing, I goofed. This was supposed to be knit flat and then seamed. Since I don't like seaming, I thought I'd be really clever and knit it in the round. Seems easy enough, right? But see what happened here? The way the cables meet at the sides to form a results in the 2 stitches that would have been next to each other being pulled away in opposite directions to create the cable. This leaves a gap. I thought at first that I just wasn't being careful enough with my tension, but no matter what I tried to do, the gap remained. It was so bad I thought I must have accidentally done some yarn-overs or something, but that wasn't the case. I then decided to weave in my ends vertically to pull in some of that gap. Okay, basically, it was like forming a seam. It helps a lot, but it didn't save me from seaming. Also, when you have to add increases and try to work them into the pattern, it looks awkward. Of course, I probably just wasn't doing it well.

I could have lived with those things alone. But the bigger problem is that I didn't look good in it. It seemed loose on me (not good for a tube top!), and even if it did fit properly, I still wasn't pulling it off. I tried various tanks and shirts underneath it, but it was no use.

I am half-way done, and even though it pains me, I am thinking about frogging the whole thing. I told my husband this, and he came up with an interesting idea--to change it into a mini skirt for our 7-year-old Sweetie. I think it's worth a shot. So I'm in the process of frogging back to the point where I had finished the set of decreases for the waist shaping. I've done 2 sets of increases since then, and they'll have to go. I'll knit to a length that she can comfortably wear, add a waistband, and...we'll see. I'll let you know whether this Soul ultimately gets laid to rest or gets a new life.

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  1. It's a pity the top didn't work out, however, I'd love to see the skirt when its done!!