Saturday, July 7, 2007

Into the Closet

I will really miss my house after we finish the Big Move. For example, I love my Craft Closet. We are using one of the upstairs bedrooms as an office, and I converted its closet into my own little space.

Shall we take a peek?

These are the things that crafts are made of: sugar,, wrong list...actually, scrapbooking supplies and albums, sewing notions, and several books. I have drawers of sewing patterns and stacks and stacks of Martha Stewart Living, Memory Makers, Threads, and Handcraft Illustrated magazines. There are enough gift wrap supplies to stock Santa's workshop.

Over here is the sewing machine--we had an electrician come and put in an outlet so that I could sew in the closet.

Underneath are my bins of yarn. I've made a little dent into my stash, but only a little. Since I got the bins, there's not much leg room anymore for sitting at the sewing machine, but I really haven't been sewing anything to speak of anyway.

Up above are the (literal) remnants of my sewing life.

You can see that I had the same problem with fabric and other stash as I now do with yarn stash. It's the "collector" in me, but I am working on it. I'm on a yarn diet now, and before that, having and seeing all my crafting stuff in one place helped me be (semi) disciplined enough to put a moratorium on other things some time ago--scrapbook paper/supplies/books/mags, most things related to sewing, gift wrap supplies, and magazine subscriptions of any kind. So see? I am better about it. I do feel guilty for having all this stuff, but there is also comfort in having these familiar things, knowing they'll find new homes in the new house.


  1. Ohh so nice and tidy and not at all like my place. I envy you!

  2. I second Lily, your closet looks so organized. I'm drooling over your fabric collection...all these classic colors!

  3. Wow I would be sad to leave such a great craft closet, too! And you keep it so neat and tidy! I hope the move is going well.

  4. I envy you closet...I dont have any place like that, stupid new york city apartments. Wow I do have two large bins under the dining table we dont use because we dont have room to store chairs (because of my knitting bins Oops!)