Monday, July 2, 2007

Not Working

My last day of work was last Friday. We took a short roadtrip this past weekend, so today was my first day at home. I have to say it is quite a change! I am taking care of the kids and getting some things ready for our Big Move. Once we move, I'll have to start getting ready for my new job, which will start in September. So there will be a lot going on in the next few months.

In the meantime, I was going to start the Diagonal Twist Princess Seam Jacket from Loop-d-loop. I had ordered yarn for this and had even had started a Craftster knitalong. But then I got pregnant and very nauseous, and I went on a long knitting hiatus, and I abandoned it. Anyhoo, at the time that I ordered the Classic Elite Gatsby yarn that the pattern calls for, I had only been knitting for 6 months. I was thrilled to be getting it for 50% off on clearance at Webs, but my inexperience cost me--of the colors available, I chose black with little white specks. Big mistake for a project that has such lovely textured stitch patterns. I started with a sleeve, and here's what I got. Can you see the diagonal twist stich pattern?

Neither can least not well enough to make it worth it. So I frogged it and instead, I'm going to make this:

It's the ruffled jacket from the Filatura Di Crosa Fall/Winter 2004 Collection. The pattern calls for a discontinued yarn, Curly, done in garter stitch. I'm going to use this Gatsby yarn in reverse stockinette, which gives it almost a boucle look. We'll see if this one works out any better.

After my yarn diet, I intend to look for another yarn and come back to the Diagonal Twist pattern. Like the other Loop-d-loop patterns, there is interesting construction and great attention to detail. I found some other colors of Gatsby on eBay, but they're more than I want to pay, so I'll keep looking for another sub.


  1. The ruffled jacket looks good in the photo, I can't wait to see your version.
    Btw, your summertime tunic looks good. I am wordering how do you like calmer? I am thinking to try this yarn, but I don't like to handwash.

  2. That jacket is so cute.
    It's amazing the things we learn from when we first start knitting, huh?

  3. That jacket will be fantastic. I am so impressed that you were going to do the princess seam jacket after only 6 months of knitting! That pattern still intimidates me a bit.

    Good luck with your big move! So much work ahead of you, I know. I think it will be a while before I feel settled in my new city.

    I bought the Habu kit in black stainless with dark brown wool. The store owner thought the color combo was very New York. I really would have wanted grey steel, but I didn't like the wool colors they had with the grey steel.