Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Quickie

I finished another striped Noro scarf for a Christmas present. I really love making these--am I crazy to like doing 1x1 ribbing? It seems to have taken basically no time at all.

While I'm in giving-things-away mode, here is a Starbucks Song of the Day code I got but don't need. It's for Alice Russell's Hurry on Now (Featuring TM Juke). If you want it, it's yours--just leave a comment so I know to go back and delete this part of the post: 6LYTX6KE6PFW


  1. I find this striped Noro scarf quite addictive. In fact, I couldn't stop knitting mine and it ended up being 8 feet long. I used 6 skeins of silk garden! Crazy! Love the sweater on the previous post!

  2. "no time at all"?? tell me your secret! the first half flew by for me, but the second half was pretty slow. yours turned out great :)

  3. Ooo, I just love your Noro scarf! I'm going to have to make one myself : )