Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fit to Knit

I've used up most of the Rowan Glace that Ysolda sent me already. Now, I've only worked with Glace once before--it was doubled up and used to knit a very small part of Cannes from Rowan Beach Cool. I remember the yarn as being kind of hard on the hands, but my knitting muscles must have gotten stronger since then, because I am having no problems with it now! I really like this yarn, and it's working out well for a junior version of Nora's Beaded Cami.

To keep those knitting muscles from getting too much of a good thing, I have been trying to be more mindful of taking breaks in between my knitting to do some of the hand/wrist stretches and exercises found here and here. It helps to do some stretches for the back and whole body, too, such as these. I also try to alternate between different projects--different gauges, different techniques--which seems to help prevent repetitive stress injuries (or at least that is one of my justifications for having so many WIP's).

Of course, knitting is a pretty sedentary thing, and even if my knitting muscles are stronger, the rest of me is not. According to the calorie calculator, I can burn 26 calories an hour knitting. That's nice, but it doesn't even make up for the 60 calories in the Passion Shaken Iced Tea that I usually drink at my knitting group, let alone the 220 calories in the Caramel Frappucinno I have sometimes. And it's even not so much about the calories, really--trust me, being thin is not the same as being fit.

I know some people combine their knitting with walking or using a stationary bike or something, but frankly, I am simply not that coordinated. I tried knitting in a yoga pose...

...but I decided this was not a good idea. No, I'd need to put the needles down an do something physical.

So a few days ago, I made a commitment to scratch "Start Exercising" off of my perpetual to-do list. My husband got the P90X workout videos, and I decided to do it with him. I'm doing the supposedly "light" version of it. On the first day, we did chest and back, and yesterday we did abs. I'm telling you, the entire upper half of my body of sore and stiff. I *know* this is good for me and that I'll be glad eventually, but for right now, it's hard to get past seeing how it cuts into my knitting time! Oh and plus, I'm knitting a lot slower since my body is so sore. :-P Wish me luck, guys!


  1. Luck! Luck! Getting a new exercise routine is SO hard.

  2. Your muscles will get used to it, and you'll find it a breeze in no time! Good for you fdor deciding to exericse- you seem pretty slim from your photos, but everyone needs to exercise (and I totally hear you- I have the motivation of a sloth, but I still thrown down the yoga mat on occasiona and get some pilates in.

    You're doing the right thing!

    - Julie

  3. Totally sympathize. It's so hard getting up and getting moving. (Those hand stretches really do help, though.) Which reminds me - I meant to be swimming right now...which I don't seem to be doing......