Monday, February 9, 2009

Out with the Old, and in with the Old

Thank you guys so much for the kind comments on Ivel. I have gone and frogged some old things that just were not working out. I don't think I blogged about the Textured Tunic from Fitted Knits. I was making that one using some green Rowan Summer Tweed. And it just wasn't interesting--not interesting to look at, and not interesting to knit. So now it's gone. The other thing that got frogged was the Cabled Hoodie that was intended for my daughter. I just lost momentum on all the mods I was making, the cooler weather has largely passed here, and she wouldn't fit it for next year. So sadly, that one is gone too.

I am trying to finish up an old project--Anise. It should go fast, since it's on size 15 needles, but it's not nearly as fun as a new project I cast on. I started Anemone from the new Rowan 45. This baby is being knit on size 1's, but I don't care--I love it anyway. Here's a progress shot from the little sleeve I finished.

Yes, I'm using the recommended Cotton Glace in the same colors as the book. I hardly ever do that, but I love these colors and love how they go together. And while I'm on the love fest, I'll mention that I *love* pretty much the whole Bloom collection in this Rowan book. It's got a Japanese aesthetic, which is right up my alley. And it's got a retro feel, which I find so appealing right now.

More evidence of my romance with all things retro: I bought the book A Stitch In Time: Vintage knitting and crochet patterns 1920-1949, Vol. 1. Here are my 2 favorites, but there are lots and lots of appealing patterns, and you can see the pics on Ravelry.

Oh, and do check out the new Interweave Knits Spring preview if you haven't already seen it. I am drawn to the Petal Halter. While it is decidedly modern, there is also something about it that evokes flapper girls to me. Lovely!


  1. Oh wow, Anemone is going to be amazing! Can't wait to see it finished. I have A Stitch in Time on my b-day wish list, so many fantastic patterns!

  2. That's the first time I've seen a picture of Anemone. I'm excited to see your finished one! I finally decided to buy that book from Amazon, but now it's out of stock/no longer there! I haven't decided if I want to order it from the UK yet...

  3. Ooh size 1s! i think i may have to sit this one out :p

  4. cant wait to see your fo. nice colour too.