Monday, April 12, 2010

Fixer Upper

Thank you guys so much for your kind comments and all the Rav hearts on the Yoshino dress! They are much appreciated :-)

Now, remember the Chic Cables and Lace Cowl? The one where the neck ribbing flared?

Well, I fixed it. It was nerve-wracking to cut into the knitting, even with a lifeline in place, but it was worth it.

Here is the neck ribbing, reknit using 2 needle sizes smaller:

I also managed to avoid 2 of the problems I had had with Wisteria. I used your suggestions for picking up extra stitches around the armhole and then decreasing to the right number on the next row, and I had no armhole holes! Yay! I didn't have any problems with loose stitches around the cable; maybe the extra slack was taken up in part by the yarn-overs in the lace? For future reference, though, Techknitting recently had an article on that very subject, and I plan to use the tips the next chance I have.

Here's the final result, with and without the cowl:



More info in the gallery and on Ravelry.


  1. Gorgeous! And what a fix - with scissors no less :) The Yoshino dress is adorable, oh my goodness!

  2. yes! I love that you fearlessly cut into your knitting! the fix was perfect and the sweater is stunning!

  3. wow, the finished result is AMAZING!! Looks so good on you. I inwardly cringed looking at the cutting photo, but the results speak for themselves- way to go!

  4. Of all your 2010 FO's, that's my favourite so far for 2010.

    I'm glad you went back and fixed the neckline because I know what it's like not to wear something, ever, because of a little thing like that.

    Two thumbs up!