Friday, June 18, 2010

Domo Arigato

Thank you guys so much for your kind comments here and on Rav about my recent crochet adventures. It's exciting to branch out into something new, and it's been nice to get encouraging feedback!

I wanted to pop in and share a new find with you. I've mentioned before how much I like Japanese patterns. The aesthetics are really appealing to me, and I just love flipping through designs, which I don't get to do very often. Yesterday, I found a site with free Japanese patterns, some of which have English translations, and I was so excited! The site is for Pierrot Yarns. I will warn you that the English is a bit awkward and even with the translations, the patterns can still be confusing if you're not used to using Japanese schematics. You can preview all the patterns on Ravelry, or you can just look at the ones in English. If you're unfamiliar with reading these patterns, the Japanese Knitting and Crochet group on Ravelry can help. Be adventurous and check it out!

To access the the tranlated pattern directory of the patterns, as well as the English version of selected patterns, you have to register. It took me awhile to realize that the email containing my password was sent to my Spam folder, so look for it there. Here's the direct link to my favorite pattern, the Lace-top Camisole. Guess what? It has knitting and crochet!


  1. ooh, I came across these patterns a while back and loves so many of them, but was a little frightened by the idea of wading through the Japanese(despite being fully charted). The Japanese patter group is definitely a good idea, though!

  2. Me too! I am a big fan of Japanese patterns and I love going through their designs especially the amazing Japanese crochet ideas! Thanks for the links - I will definately go through them one by one and maybe we can start a project together!