Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well Worn

I finally finished my Seascape Stole! I was going to tell you that it took me a year, but then I looked it up on my Ravelry page and realized that I actually started it *two* years ago. Whoa! I've carried it around and picked it up here and there. As you can see, my copy of the pattern got a lot of wear. It is in a page protector, but when the chart was printed out big enough to see comfortably, it ended up not quite fitting in there.

To keep the completed end of the scarf from getting too scruffy as I went along, I rolled it up and safety pinned it in place, and that did offer some protection.

Here's the finished result:

Seascape Stole

More pictures details are on Ravelry. If you're interested in the pattern, you might also like this interview with the designer, Kieran Foley. Check out his other amazing designs too!


  1. it's beautiful!! and i love that color - well worth the two years worth of work ;)

    p.s. how is the biking going?

  2. Thanks, Jen!

    As for the bike, I'm only on day 3 of week 1, but it's fine so far.

  3. oh, it looks beautiful!!! what a gorgeous FO.

  4. It's SO beautiful -- thank you for letting me see and hold it (and almost spirit it away).

  5. Beautiful. I love that color. I see royal blue nail polish in your future.

  6. Thanks, everyone! @Kristen: I had OPI Russian Navy Suede and really liked it, but it stained a bit, so I don't wear it anymore :-(

  7. Congrats on finishing your stole! It looks great. I started one back in 2009. Knit section A and one repeat of section B, but it's been in deep hibernation since then. ( I've been debating getting it out. I think it would be easier for me to follow the pattern now that I've been knitting for longer.