Thursday, June 16, 2011

Right Now

On the needles: Anemone using Rowan Glace

On the nails: Zoya Dannii

On the nightstand: 101 Places Not to See Before You Die


  1. Oh I love that color! Well, both colors actually!!

  2. Oh - and what base and top coat did you use? I'm still continuing my Zoya shrinkage research!!

  3. Thanks, Gail. I should have something like Mermaid's Tears on to go with the knitting :-)

    I had previously been using Sally Hansen clear polish instead of a proper basecoat, but I've started using Butter Nail Foundation and really like it. This time, though, I put on the Dannii late at night and thought it was drying really fast, so I opted not to do my fast-dry topcoat. Big mistake! I woke up with horrible bubbling and sheet indentations. I had to buff it down and put on a fresh coat with topcoat this time. I used the Diamond Cosmetics like I usually do. I did have some shrinkage.

  4. That's right - you told me that! I forgot about the Diamond Cosmetics top coat. I think I need to get some! Although it didn't work for you this time, it sounds like overall it's a good one.