Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inspired By

Inspired by What's New, Cupcake?, via Asianmommy and KC, to make Chinese food cupcakes:

Usually, my cupcakes end up looking pretty flat, but I lowered the oven temperature, as per Kelly Neil's recommendation (via Julie Crawford), and I managed to get a pretty decent dome top on them. The decorating directions in the book were really clear and easy to follow. We had a lot of fun making--and eating--these! We even folded a little takeout box based on instructions from Flotsam and Origami Jetsam (we just made them a little shorter). From past experience with other cupcakes decorated with candies, we knew that it's best to eat these on the same day they're made. After they sit around awhile, the candies used on the icing get all mushy and unattractive. Luckily, we had neighbors to help us finish them off!

If you'd like to make your own, check out the YouTube video the book publisher generously posted! There are several other cupcake videos on that YouTube channel too.


  1. Wow--I am impressed! The cupcakes turned out great!

  2. Thank you! I did pipe on the icing "noodles," but the kids did the rest by themselves, including the broccoli.

    I hope you had a good time at the blogging seminar :-)

  3. I love that you have so much fun with your girls. Those cupcakes are too much! Thank you for the tip about getting a dome. I'm going to try that next time.