Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eye Candy

I've had the movie The International on my DVR for awhile now. I really had no idea what the movie was about until I watched it last night, but the reason I had it recorded in the first place was because I happened to catch a glimpse of some eye candy while we were flipping through channels one night. By eye candy, I don't (just) mean Clive Owen, who is one of the stars. No, I mean this sweater:

Isn't she a beaut?! This would be the perfect every day sweater and it looks fairly straightforward to duplicate. It's a slouchy cardigan in a chunky weight. There are shoulder and sleeve seams as well as side in-seam pockets. The neck edging looks like it's picked up afterwards and consists of ribbing and a lace pattern. That same rib and lace motif appears at the cuffs. The back is plain.

I'm just not sure which lace pattern that is though. Do you guys know? If not, I'll need to do some experimentation.


  1. That is cute!

    It looks like the pattern on one of my favorite lace socks:

    round 1: k2tog, YO across
    round 2: K
    round 3: YO K2tog
    round 4: K

  2. I think it is trellis lace. I'm currently knitting the Vine and Trellis sweater. It looks like that. The pattern is k1, [yo, k2tog] then [yo, ssk] k1. You need an odd number of stitches.

  3. oops, forgot to say that even rounds are knit, or purled if you are working flat. It's a 4 row repeat.

  4. Those are both really good suggestions. I'm going to have to give them a go! Thank you both :-)

  5. Are those mutton sleeves?

    I like mutton sleeves. You should definitely include the mutton sleeves.

  6. I hadn't noticed that till you said so, Betty. I don't think they're mutton sleeves though one arm does look like that in one of the pictures. I like the look of mutton sleeves too, but they don't always look right on me. I would love to get started on this when my current sweater is done.