Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Right Now

On the needles: Simple stockinette cowl in Berroco Souffle.

On the nails: Misa Spaced Out

On the horizon: I've reserved a copy of Knit.wear and am so anxious to pick it up! Has anyone else gotten it?


  1. I love your cowl!

    I leafed through Knit.Wear at the yarn shop, but decided not to buy. I'm glad all these are available digitally now though - so if I change my mind later, I can still get it!

  2. Great nail color.
    Impressed with the size of your needles.
    Your yarn is lovely, for certain.
    Knit Wear - I am attempting to hold off purchasing it - gad, I've got so many mags on my shelves - - - -

  3. I bought it, even though I didn't see anything I wanted to make. It's got a lot of potential! I felt the need to support a fledgling magazine in order to see it continue.

  4. What will that beautiful stockinette stitch WIP become? Killer nails and, no, I haven't picked up Knit.Wear yet but I'm very, very tempted! xo

  5. I saw the ad for Knit.Wear, and I couldn't tell if it's a book or a magazine. From what I could see, the patterns look interesting to me. I'm going to see if my LYS is selling copies yet.

  6. @Evelyn: it's a cowl and I'm done with the knitting now (small project, big size 17 needles, Gerry!), but I still have to graft the ends together.

    @Sue: I know what you mean about supporting a new enterprise. There are 3 patterns that I could see myself knitting. Whether I actually get around to them is another matter, but there's real potential.

    @Better: As Gail pointed out, it's also available digitally in case your LYS doesn't have it, but they probably do by now.

    @Gail: I try to buy magazines/booklets only if there are multiple things there that I *might* make. Otherwise, I do hold off. Knowing that something will be available digitally does help stave off some pattern hoarding. (If only polish were available digitally, LOL!)

  7. The cowl looks like something I want to knit too -- yours looks great so far.

    I've not bought a copy of Knit.Wear yet, but I've flipped through it and seen a few promising projects.

  8. I can't wait to see what you make out of Knitwear. I leafed through it at my lys but usually takes me a bit before I commit.

    This new project looks like it will be very pretty and I see you've got those big needles again!